I have had the fortune of returning back to my love of painting after a twenty year career as a Civil Engineer.  Painting skills are forgotten, and have to be relearned; techniques once intuitive, now take great thought.  Yet, my analytical background has contributed to my growth as an artist and now reflects a collaborative right brain-left brain style.  My work has been shown throughout the Cleveland area and I enjoy hanging my art at locations where I know the businesses or owner. 

I have worked with Brecksville Center for the Arts, and have relationships with The Framer's Gallery, Brecksville and Wine and Design, Tremont (Cleveland). Most recently, I am co owner of a decorative knob business, Eclectique Interior Accessories www.eclectiqueaccessories.com.

Regardless of style, art is something that should be enjoyed. 
I hope my paintings can be appreciated as well as enjoyed by
all who view them.

Please visit www.gallerytechne, a website for art and design, which Leslie McCafferty is part of.



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